Store Activation

Can I sell my products on Scopic?

The eligibility to sell your products are as follows-

  • You must be 18 years above old.

  • You must have PAN or GST(If applicable).

  • Your business should must fall in the category of drop-shipping, retailers, wholesaler, physical store, distributors or manufactures.

  • You should have at least 3 products in stocks.

Have you had a chance to answer the previous question?

Yes, after a few months we finally found the answer. Sadly, Mike is on vacations right now so I'm afraid we are not able to provide the answer at this point.


How to accept an order?

Open Scopic Seller App, visit order section and in "NEW" tab, you will see the new order that you have received and tap on that order. Now, have a look on bottom there are Green and Red Button to accept and reject the order. Tap on Agree and soon our team will make arrangements for pickup.

How to download labels and manifest?

Once, you accept the order and our team made arrangements for pickup. Open the order again from Order Section. Have a look on bottom, you will see two buttons for downloading Labels and Manifest. Once, you download the labels and manifest check out the gallery and make sure to print them.

Labels & Manifest are mandatory during pickup. We recommend to download and print both the documents before pickup date to avoid any delays.


What is the settlement?

Settlement is your earning that made through your store on scopic when the customer placed an order. Settlement is the deduction of fees from the final sell price of your product.

What is the Settlement Structure?

Settlement structure consists deduction of applicable fees as per the terms of service are as follows -


in percentage

Marketplace Fees

5% on Order Total

Feature Fees

1% on Order Total

GST as per Indian Law

18% on Marketplace Fee + Feature Fee(If applicable)

Example of Settlement Structure:

Let, Raghav ordered Mobile Cover which cost him 200₹ from your store, whereas you marked Mobile Cover as featured product also in product settings. So, settlement would be as follows -

Order Total


Marketplace Fees ( 5% )


Feature Fees ( 2% )


18% GST on Market + Feature Fees


Total Deduction


Your Settlement after total deduction